Teresa Phelps Martin

Teresa first stepped on the yoga mat out of total curiosity. Amazed by the mystery and splendor of life she decided to sign up for a semester long course while attending the College of Charleston. Since that moment she has traveled around the world discovering and deepening her practice and knowledge of yoga. Her quest, practice and inquiry saved her life. The practice of yoga allowed her to withstand a nearly fatal impact and was the main source for her recovery. Surviving the wreck not only deepened her commitment to yoga, it confirmed her connection to the Divine. She is a true embodiment of spirit sensible to individual needs utilizing skill, intuition, playfulness and kindness to bring about a positive impact and growth on many levels.

Teresa, E-RYT 500 (experienced & registered yoga teacher at the 500 hour level).  With over 11 years of teaching experience and over a 1000 hours of training she is still a student and an explorer. She holds deep appreciation for all of her teachers and would like to thank Skip Rector for introducing the practice of yoga; Don & Amba Stapleton who first ignited her connection to expressing her heart through teaching; Shiva Rea who revealed the creative pulsation of the divine; Paul Muller Ortega for offering the tools and practice of meditation to abide in the heart; Sianna Sherman for bestowing the method and therapeutic application of Anusara Yoga. Her wonderment of life and therapeutic use of yoga are the inspiration for her teaching. Teresa’s teaching style will make you fall in love with yoga offering technical expertise and words of wisdom to savor. Teresa is a bright shining light with a beautiful grounding energy and magnetic personality allowing your heart to open to all the possibilities and truly embody spirit.


Yoga Full of Grace

Approaching life from the vantage point that we each are Full of Grace. That each creature is created from a Divine Love that illuminates our existence. Grace is the revelatory power of that light, thus each of us are full of the potential to reveal and embody such love and light.
Yoga Full of Grace is a practice committed to revealing the beauty and freedom that each of us hold to connect to the highest version of ourselves. Through a therapeutic, uplifting and supportive environment Yoga Full of Grace assists in our ability to feel accepted, worthy, and appreciated in all aspects of our lives.


108 Days of Contemplation – 

May 1, 2013 an opportunity presented itself…yoga for 108 days. Well, I do yoga all the time, seriously, it’s somewhat imbalanced, but that’s the life of a spiritual person, you can’t really leave the divine out of anything. Since I hear people always saying to me…I love listening to what you have to say in class, I thought I would dive into the deep end and write for 108 days (I do take two days off, Friday and Saturday by the way). What was I thinking…guess we will find out….Peace!

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