and so it is

this sunday, father’s day night, i sit with remembrance.

first i want to acknowledge that i was able to host my dad, my father in law and my sister’s father in law, also known as my brother in law’s dad, or what i consider my adopted father in law. regardless, i feel pretty special that they all came to my home and shared in this day together. not to get sad or anything, my brother’s father in law was also a strong figure in my view of our family’s dynamic, he opened his home many times to me including & welcoming me in his families celebration. he passed earlier this year. many blessings to you jim lynch.

but what i remember is what it is all about…connection, love and celebration of just that. i know there are a lot of children out there that are fatherless. i also know there are a lot of men out there that are childless. a friend of mine said to me this week that she has never celebrated father’s day in her life…and then i looked at someone else i know that has known a side of fatherhood that only reflects loss of a child (plural).

this is life…a grand play of creation and cessation…painful but necessary. yet there is a level of opportunity…that is we are given a moment to experience, to live life, to drink from the nectar of the great heart, but sometimes it appears to be sour, tart or poisoned. yet the divine creative life force (in my opinion) is helping us to become more, even in the moments that sting.

and so it is…11 years ago i was sleeping in a recliner at my parents house. my dad came in the room to check on me. i said happy father’s day dad, that’s the best i can do. he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, you’re alive and that’s the best gift you could have ever given me. at that moment i hadn’t fully comprehended just what i had survived, nor the impact that it could have had on him, but this year i made certain that he got his favorite cookie served with a glass of milk. because it is the simple things that make a difference


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  1. Cherish life’s moments while you can. We never know what tomorrow might bring.


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