Is so important. Hearing what people have to say after you put something out there. It could be a class, a work of art, a meal, a complement…anything really. The feedback I get from my dogs is unconditional and very much necessary. But as a yoga teacher, for me, feedback is what allows me to become better.

Yes, I love hearing if you like a class, if you enjoyed something. The one thing I hear more than anything is that people love coming to hear what I have to say – heard this one so much I finally started a blog. (Which I think it comes across better as a class than this blog in my opinion). So thank you for all your positive feedback it’s helped me in many moments I have doubted myself – which happens more than you know.

This week my favorite remarks…have all been from male students. Most the time we don’t really know what we liked about the practice. We just know we feel better so when someone takes the time to let me know, I listen. I teach a lot of ‘non-traditional’ classes because I feel yoga is more about awareness than it is about triangle pose. But I wish if you really wanted to do triangle pose and I didn’t, that you’d let me know…



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  1. I like a lot of things about your class. I like the fact that you tell us what is going on in your head to start with. I like the fact that your class is never the same and it keeps me on my toes. Just when I think I figured out where you are heading you change directions and that stops me from being complacent. And I also like the fact that you listend to what we have to say and you stay with the class and don’t just put it out there for us to figure out. Oh and I want more core. 🙂


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