Here in Charleston we have had nearly 10 inches of rain during the month of June and the normal is closer to 5 inches. It’s pretty wet and our back yard is a bit swamp like. The frogs are in stereo and we can hear them inside. The other week with the super moon the rains hit during hight tide and our street was more like a river with lumber floating down to the tidal creek. The temperature now is 10 degrees cooler than usual and it really does not feel like a summer night. Wild as Mercury is retrograde in Cancer, the sun is in Cancer, as is Jupiter. Cancer is a water sign, mercury represents communication, Jupiter a bit of a teacher that helps expand our understanding/view. Saturn, the task master, is also in a water sign of Pieces. Really just makes me wonder if all this rain has anything to do with a larger planetary alignment. But then, as I watch the rain flow, somewhere out there someone or something is probably in a draught or even on fire. Perhaps it’s time to reflect on the emotional tides of our collective hearts communicating with more authenticity and compassion for all beings or maybe it’s just a rainy summer.

*astrology is just a hobby of mine, please consult a professional if in need or astrological advice.


One of those days

Where you are sitting by the sea with friends and family. Take a dip in the ocean and dry off with a cool breeze. Dinner as the sun sets with your spouse. Both of us commenting – this is where we live! But it didn’t happen by chance. We haven’t simply sat around & prayed it would work this way. Instead we have actively pursued this life and it hasn’t always been easy, but when a great day comes along you better believe I’m going to take the time to enjoy every minute.

Life happens

While I wish I could say I’ve been busy creating something amazing, truth is I’ve just been putting one foot in front of the other and am barley getting anything done. So life happens and I’m grateful to be busy by life. Peace and more will follow.

Calling of your heart

When I was little, it was difficult for me to see differences, but at the same time I remember that things would get blurry if I didn’t understand. (Now as an adult I should ware glasses as things really do get blurry the further away they are, but I choose not to ware them unless I am driving). But I have thought on this idea in relationship to my heart’s vision. What I am able to see clearly and what is still a little foggy.

Do I know exactly what my heart wants and or cares for, yes and no. There are parts that I know are not satisfying like violent movies and guns. (I get people hunting, but I don’t get people killing from fear or hate). There are also things I don’t do well with like awkward humor. That is when you make someone else feel small for a laugh ~ it’s just not worth it to me. I also know that my heart wants every being to realize that it is totally worth it and that this life is completely worth it and that all God, the Divine, the Universe, whatever you call it, wants you to LOVE. Recently I have wondered if really it’s about an inward love, peace and joy rather than an outward one. (By the way – I am not talking about the love we see on TV but rather unconditional love).

We could have a conversation about do you have to love out in the world to know love on the inside or do you have to first love yourself to love others, but I think it is both, you can’t have one without the other and well, it’s your life that is going to influence where it begins ~ not mine. So just think on where you are coming from and respect where others may begin.

Me, I am a pleaser and am surrounded by a ton of pleasers, but I am learning that being a pleaser isn’t honoring my own heart’s call or anyone else’s around me. This is a real hard thing to swallow so I am getting some help and am also expanding my ways of helping others. One thing I am doing is looking at how others are saying the same thing, whether it is in the texts of yoga (which are really really old), teachings from when I was a child, or modern day perspective on timeless considerations. (I mentioned this a while back). One spot I found myself to was Maston’s ‘The Daily Love” who is doing a free week long online course that is doing just what I mentioned above…yes I love the cosmic secretary and there is no way I will be able to listen to everyone, but I am working hard on listening to my heart and my heart is looking for the dots of connection to the universal love that helps each of us feel connected, fulfilled and completely worthy. Perhaps, honoring our heart’s song is the ultimate purpose even if it is scary, blurry or crystal clear.

the sun stands still

for this day, the summer solstice, it appears to us that the sun stands still. that for one day in the year we are reminded that we stand in full radiance, ultimate luminosity, pure consciousness. how cool is that? that on a day like today, probably on some level just like every other day, there is a great alignment between the sun and earth that brings the most light (june for those of us in the northern hemisphere, december for those of us down south).

That is just it though, for me at least, that while some of us are experiencing the greatest amount of daylight another is experiencing the shortest amount of day light, at the same time. The opposing forces are necessary to create energy. You can’t have summer without winter, albeit some experience drastic seasonal changes and some are more mild, you have to have both. The energy being created is our life. In our life we have an opportunity to create, sustain and dissolve with every breath. Every breath we are reminded you can’t have an inhale without an exhale, or the exhale holds little relief when there isn’t an inhale that follows.

If we can participate in a way that keeps us connected to the dynamic relationships of complete opposites then when days like today, an amazing testament to the great sequencing, order and alignment of our existence, stay with us even when it appears to go completely dark. That is in the midnight hour when we feel things coming to a standstill, that we can remember to breathe deep and delight in the radiant luster of life that is ever present.


Tonight a good friend of my hubby’s is in town. They have known each other since nineteen hundred and ninety three. Having an old friend visit and share their life story with you and your other company is always sweet. The interesting part is that he and I have always had a conversation on how I like to work from the inside out and he works from the outside in (international conflict resolution). That is he works on a grander scale comparatively.

In asking a few questions regarding the paradox of diversity versus individuality he said something that made me realize the importance of whatever it is you are doing…regardless of how much you are making, who sees your efforts, the name behind what’s happening, is your participation giving you greater versatility to handle what may come. (ok, he didn’t say that exactly, but for the most part). Seriously though, can this experience, even though you may be making half of what you made before, hardly acknowledge like before, and perhaps misunderstood on some level, that ultimately you will have an experience that takes you further. That in your choice to not get stuck you have broadened your horizon and will be more prepared to handle to diversity of your future.

None of us have any idea what is coming, so can you be true to yourself, recognize your strengths and ultimately realize that each experience enables you to handle what may come…

off to teach

but before I go think on what your doing now…and how can you spend the next 10 minutes choosing things…how can you be motivated to spend the next minutes in honor of someone else?

Some days

I really don’t have much to say….today is just one of those days. I do though find it empowering when Phil Jackson speaks on the power of meditation. Mindfulness is an amazing skill to cultivate. starting your day with a peace filled mind makes a huge difference. Meditation helps you understand who you are and how you can become more of yourself discovering you have what it takes to BE REAL.

and so it is

this sunday, father’s day night, i sit with remembrance.

first i want to acknowledge that i was able to host my dad, my father in law and my sister’s father in law, also known as my brother in law’s dad, or what i consider my adopted father in law. regardless, i feel pretty special that they all came to my home and shared in this day together. not to get sad or anything, my brother’s father in law was also a strong figure in my view of our family’s dynamic, he opened his home many times to me including & welcoming me in his families celebration. he passed earlier this year. many blessings to you jim lynch.

but what i remember is what it is all about…connection, love and celebration of just that. i know there are a lot of children out there that are fatherless. i also know there are a lot of men out there that are childless. a friend of mine said to me this week that she has never celebrated father’s day in her life…and then i looked at someone else i know that has known a side of fatherhood that only reflects loss of a child (plural).

this is life…a grand play of creation and cessation…painful but necessary. yet there is a level of opportunity…that is we are given a moment to experience, to live life, to drink from the nectar of the great heart, but sometimes it appears to be sour, tart or poisoned. yet the divine creative life force (in my opinion) is helping us to become more, even in the moments that sting.

and so it is…11 years ago i was sleeping in a recliner at my parents house. my dad came in the room to check on me. i said happy father’s day dad, that’s the best i can do. he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, you’re alive and that’s the best gift you could have ever given me. at that moment i hadn’t fully comprehended just what i had survived, nor the impact that it could have had on him, but this year i made certain that he got his favorite cookie served with a glass of milk. because it is the simple things that make a difference



Is so important. Hearing what people have to say after you put something out there. It could be a class, a work of art, a meal, a complement…anything really. The feedback I get from my dogs is unconditional and very much necessary. But as a yoga teacher, for me, feedback is what allows me to become better.

Yes, I love hearing if you like a class, if you enjoyed something. The one thing I hear more than anything is that people love coming to hear what I have to say – heard this one so much I finally started a blog. (Which I think it comes across better as a class than this blog in my opinion). So thank you for all your positive feedback it’s helped me in many moments I have doubted myself – which happens more than you know.

This week my favorite remarks…have all been from male students.┬áMost the time we don’t really know what we liked about the practice. We just know we feel better so when someone takes the time to let me know, I listen. I teach a lot of ‘non-traditional’ classes because I feel yoga is more about awareness than it is about triangle pose. But I wish if you really wanted to do triangle pose and I didn’t, that you’d let me know…