better than yours…

That whole idea of I’m better than you, or you are better than me, well it just gets in the way of things…we alienate ourselves and loose sight of the bigger picture. All the sudden we care too much about what isn’t important, then we get frustrated, angry and the things we love start to crumble.

On the other side of this solar eclipse, yes, three eclipses in one month presents an opportunity to reevaluate and recommit to the groove of your own life, I am sitting with the bigger picture. That even the planets come into alignment in a way that the truth can be hidden. That the love of the cosmos gets tangled in a flow that starts to say I’m better than you, this is better than that, my way or the high way. Yet, really the alignment took the shape that asked for reflection and recognition that the love was just hidden.

Since this is a time for new beginnings or recommitting to what your heart yearns for, take a few moments to give back to yourself. Love what you are made of and simply ask what is hidden to be revealed. Hold strong to what you believe and hold the space for others to also believe in their thing. You don’t have to agree, but I’m not certain that from the perspective of the big picture, anyone or anything is any better than any one else. We are all a manifestation of the divine, or the divine materialized in the form of you and me.

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