The fair only comes to town once a year

I grew up in a family of four. Older sister, older brother and younger sister, no one ever really got their way and rather than rehash old childhood memories, life was never fair. If any one of us complained or screamed ‘that’s so unfair’ my dad would say ‘the fair only comes to town once a year’.

Tonight, I can barely keep my eyes open as the day was full. Nothing monumental but busy regardless. Got to do what I love, teach a few classes and talk yoga talk, dinner with my younger sister and her husband to celebrate their new home. Really a day that brought in possibility and hope. It’s always good to have something to enjoy and beneficial to have something to look forward to. But there is one small element to the story, part of the day revealed the tendency people carry to hold little to no integrity. Not everyone struggles integrating their beliefs with their actions, but tonight was one of those moments that puts you face to face with the question can you trust them? This interaction with other people has me saying ‘it’s so unfair’ and then I can hear my dad’s voice saying ‘the fair only comes to town once a year’ as a reminder that I am not promised anything.

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