Potency of Grace

This is a little something from almost exactly a year ago, January 13th to be exact.  The Kentucky bluegrass was covered in snow reflecting a luminous radiant light.  It was a time in my life where I had never been so clear…

There is a potency of grace that I’ve been asked to face.
Pure beauty is her nature, the Highest is her nomenclature.
Don’t be alarmed if you’re ever feeling harmed;
When you align with the divine, you Will be fine.
There are parts we don’t know, these are necessary to grow.
Strive for optimal health wherever you find yourself.
Even when you think she is out of line, she’s asking you to refine.
Take refuge in the heart, this is what it means to be smart.
For here she is always hidden, and here you are always forgiven.
Step out into your day knowing she’s leading the way.
Time to time you’ll think she’s hidden and this will keep you driven.
Open to her wonder and you too shall discover!


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