In loving memory

Have you ever had a moment where you’ve been introduced to a new form of love?  An experience you’ve never quite encountered.  It spins you into a realm where all pieces of you are completely illuminated.  You feel wild and free, intoxicated by love’s great potency. Nourished by the great elixir of life. Then, all that is sustaining you, all that keeps you going, disappears completely almost in the blink of an eye. The unbearable loss of love, a loss that lasts an eternity leaving the heart utterly empty. Defeated and feeling ruined entirely.  Devastated to a level that the memories of such splendor begin to fade.  You start to forget such a love ever existed. Yet because you can’t deny or doubt the love existed in the first place the pain becomes even more brutal.  The sweet seed the prior moments were born from have disappeared completely. Then one day after time has helped heal, a loving memory appears. A glimpse of brilliance resurfaces.  A little glimmer, a little spark, a reminder that you were never left in the dark.

There is a fairly popular book out there that contains a verse that reminds us love is the greatest gift of them all.  Love is patient and love is kind. Love never fails and knows no enemy. Love always protects. Love is the answer. Love is the key. Faith, hope & love in unity.

Science speaks of the chemistry of love, what attracts us to love.  Science also tells us that what goes up, must come down.  That for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Change is constant. Particles are in a flow of expansion and contraction and that atoms are a combination of positive and negative. That we are made up of nothing more than star dust.  Each of us are a long line of success that goes beyond chemistry and some things are better left a mystery. In the words of Einstein, ‘the most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious’.

It’s the mystery though that can sometimes be painful. We offer great gratitude when everything aligns and unfolds sweetly.  When the path is clear, we don’t ask questions. It’s when our heart’s ache in loss or uncertainty that we ask why. It’s when the mystery seems to create misery. When loosing love we need a map.  A map that guides us and helps us navigate when all else seems to be hidden.

Anusara & Blue Throat Yoga introduced me to a wonderful map of mysticism. It takes the premise that all things are born from a seed of love and we can learn to navigate with Grace. There are many aspects to the map. One part is all that is manifested arises from a cosmic dance of bliss. The dance offers 5 divine acts (pancha krityas). This actions are creation, sustenance, dissolution, concealment, and revelation. In order for something new to be born, something else must fade away or evolve into a new form or offering. Love is born, love is sustained, love fades, love is hidden, love is re-awoken. Grace is the source that offers a revelation.

It’s all rather magical, until we forget.  When we don’t fully know or haven’t really recognized. Yet it’s from the mystery that we gain insight. The hard part is knowing that love, like grace is ever present. Love is the fabric which never fades. Love is all there is, so love all ways.  We learn to love the memory that never fades.

In loving memory of all we’ve lost so mysteriously.

Potency of Grace

This is a little something from almost exactly a year ago, January 13th to be exact.  The Kentucky bluegrass was covered in snow reflecting a luminous radiant light.  It was a time in my life where I had never been so clear…

There is a potency of grace that I’ve been asked to face.
Pure beauty is her nature, the Highest is her nomenclature.
Don’t be alarmed if you’re ever feeling harmed;
When you align with the divine, you Will be fine.
There are parts we don’t know, these are necessary to grow.
Strive for optimal health wherever you find yourself.
Even when you think she is out of line, she’s asking you to refine.
Take refuge in the heart, this is what it means to be smart.
For here she is always hidden, and here you are always forgiven.
Step out into your day knowing she’s leading the way.
Time to time you’ll think she’s hidden and this will keep you driven.
Open to her wonder and you too shall discover!


Yoga…all natural

This first entry may not be very pretty. There are no preservatives, added hormones or artificial flavoring. Please be kind if the appearance isn’t always ‘picture perfect’ I’m trying to be totally organic. An all natural offering from my heart. Sure there is a little ego, how else would these words appear for all the world to see. And of course the mind is responsible for organizing and arranging the flow of words, but that’s what makes it organic. All parts fitting together harmoniously as necessary parts of the whole.

When I mention the word heart, I really should say, essence, spirit, or soul. Yes, on the gross level, the physical heart beats blood through our system. Carrying oxygen throughout the body so that we can BE humans. But on a more subtle, less tangible level, I refer to the heart as the place in which we connect to the source, the essence of our existence.  A center within the body that we can experience the divine nature of life, where the spirit of the individual connects back to the absolute, the ultimate, that which there is none higher.

When our offering comes straight from the heart, it’s a living, pulsating, radiating gesture of consciousness. Yes…an expression of God. Each day I am blown away that I have been given the opportunity to be me. Each day you are given the opportunity to be you.  A great way to honor this divine opportunity, is a yoga practice, a sadhana.

Yoga is a method that helps unite our individual self with the absolute. Reminding us that we don’t suck, we are part of something great, and contain more than we could ever imagine.  My sadhana includes not only the physical practice but also the practice of meditating. Sitting with the divine and awakening to the currents of Grace.  My sadhana has revealed that Grace is ever present. Though the divine can’t always be seen, touched or understood I’ve come to recognize that all parts are necessary and ultimately fit within the whole.

As I step deeper into the path of yoga, constantly opening to grace, deepening my connection to the divine, to that which there is none higher, I’m reminded of the many creative forms in which the spirit manifests.  Thus this new offering straight from my heart, yoga all natural… Yoga Full of Grace.